Barossa Vintage Festival

Barossa Vintage Festival

Nine days of wine, music and entertainment.

The Barossa Vintage Festival is a nine-day event that takes place every other year in the Barossa Valley, a region of Australia known for its wine-making traditions.  This event is not just a wine lover’s dream, but is also put together to be family-friendly, featuring many things to keep people of all ages entertained.  First held in 1947, Barossa Vintage is the longest running and largest wine festival in the country.

The highlight for the adult crowd is probably the wine tasting.  There is plenty of great wine to enjoy as well as many vendors selling the wines that one deems good enough to take home with them.  There are also wine auctions, featuring sales of some of the rarest and most highly praised wines of Barossa.

In addition, there are a variety of other entertaining things to do.  There are musical performances as well as a parade, an air show featuring aerial acrobatics and stunts and a grape treading competition.  For those looking to learn something while visiting, there are many presentation and tours designed to highlight the rich history of the region.  A market gives people the opportunity to purchase a variety of arts and crafts.

Just a few of the more popular events consist of Vine & Vibes - a gathering featuring music, food, wine and partying; Distinguished Vineyards - tours to check out some of Barossa’s many vineyards; and the Vintage Festival Ball.  For the kids there is Carnival Day, featuring lots of activities put together with kids and families in mind, and Town Day, where visitors can learn more about the many villages of Barossa Valley.

The Barossa Vintage Festival is a celebration of Barossa Valley’s history, demonstrating a little bit of all this region has to offer, from the wines to the people to the history and culture.  Next year’s event will take place from March 30th to April 7th.  If you’re a fan of wine, check out what Barossa has to offer during this festive time of the year.