Coober Pedy’s Desert Cave Hotel

Coober Pedy’s Desert Cave Hotel

This partially underground hotel is a reflection of the real way the residents live

The Desert Cave Hotel is a unique, partially underground hotel located in the mining town of Coober Pedy in south-central Australia.  The town is known for the high number of people who actually live in underground “dugouts” and the hotel is a reflection of that tradition.  The reason for putting a house underground is that this area of the country is frequently unbearably hot and being submerged has a natural cooling effect that keeps the homes comfortable.

It is one of the world’s only international underground hotels, though truth be told part of it is still above ground.  Some of the bars, shops and 19 of the rooms are underground, but the majority of them - numbering 31 - are at ground level or higher.  When underground, the atmosphere is excellent.  The walls and ceilings are frequently made of carved sandstone, the ceilings in the rooms are high and for all intents and purposes it feels like you’re sleeping in a cave when you stay at this hotel.  Well, a cave with a big bed and a television on a stand, of course.

And though the selling point may be its submerged status, the Desert Cave Hotel has all the things one would expect from a quality luxury hotel.  There are convention facilities, restaurants, bars, a pool, a gaming lounge and a spa.  There is Internet available, along with mini-bars and TVs in the rooms and even a babysitting service for those that need to get rid of the young ones for a bit of alone time.

The hotel also puts together tours for its guests, showing to them the outback and other surrounding natural areas.  It can be a good place to stay if you happen to want a unique experience while exploring this region of Australia.  Though camping in the outback may be the choice for hardcore travelers, the rest of us prefer to have a nice, warm shower and all the conveniences of home.