Brisbane’s Backbone 2high Festival

Brisbane’s Backbone 2high Festival

A festival dedicated to mentoring the youth and innovative performing arts

Backbone 2high Festival in Brisbane, Australia is not necessarily associated with what you might think it to be based on the name.  Instead of being an event with a focus on getting high, it’s actually an artistic extravaganza, bringing together some of the strangest and most interesting performances in the country.

Founded in 1993, the festival takes place at the Brisbane Powerhouse.  This gathering is dedicated to the youth of Australia and the innovative display of performance art.  Each year, 12 young people, aged between 18 and 26, are brought together to organize the event, under the tutelage of more experienced mentors.

Around 60 different young performers participated in the festival last year.  Their acts consisted of music, some of it completely improvisational, performance art, opera, theater, comedy and other visual arts.  They also decorated the event with their art installations, some of them being crafted right before the eyes of attendees.  No holds are barred at 2high and the artists are free to create pretty much anything that they feel inspired to.

The Backbone 2high Festival is an amazing opportunity for the Australian youth to get some serious, real-world experience in the fields that they choose to study, leading to the potential for some excellent jobs in the artistic industries.  Audiences can come and enjoy these new and possibly one day famous artists.

So many varied things are presented at the event that all types of people come from around the region to check it out, from families to art geeks.  This year, the festival takes place on October 29th.  It’s completely free to attend and can be a great chance for those visiting Australia to see what their young folks are creating.