Australia’s Big Day Out

Australia’s Big Day Out

A five-city tour of rock that hosts some of the best musicians in the world.

Yet another great Australian music event, Big Day Out promises the best and delivers on that promise in spades.  It takes place in late January of each year, during the heat of the Australian summer, touring through five of the country’s best cities.  Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth all host the festival as it makes its way across the land.


Big Day Out started up way back in 1992 with just a single performance - one day in one city.  Fortune intervened that year when Nirvana, still relatively unknown at the time, signed up for the festival.  Before Big Day Out came to be, Nirvana released their first album and people flocked to see them live, ensuring that this event would be remembered. 

The following year, they added more cities to the tour and even more the next year, making the festival what it is today.  Now, Big Day Out moves from city to city, playing the major venues as well as having many “sideshows” where lesser known bands play at smaller venues as part of the organized event.

Now known as one of the best rock festivals in the world, Big Day Out brings plenty of music from a variety of musicians, both local and international, that are guaranteed to please most everyone.  Rock, electronic music and more all show up to take their place on one of the seven or eight stages that the event sets up.

Over the years, music giants such as The Ramones, Nirvana, Metallica, Neil Young and more have made their way to play at Big Day Out.  For those looking at something different, the event also features The Boiler Room.  Often referred to as a “festival within a festival”, this is a separate section of the event that focuses on bombarding the audience with electronica and dance music as opposed to rock.

This year, the tour brings Big Day Out through Sydney on January 18th, Gold Coast on the 20th, Adelaide on the 25th, Melbourne on the 26th and Perth on the 28th.  The headliners for this year are the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Killers - two giants of the music world.  But these are just two bands in what looks to be an excellent line-up.  Big Day Out is a great way to both experience Australia and get in some memorable concerts during a vacation.